About Us

Who we are and what we do.

Our story

We are S.A. DaVinci, the first and only student association of Venlo. All students enrolled at a higher education insititute in Venlo are welcome to join us and explore all that the student’s life has to offer. Our goal is to connect students, create new friendships and memories that will last you a lifetime. Connections with other students isn’t the only thing you will encounter through our association. Our large professional network allows you to extend your connections with businesses and helps boosts your career!

Aside from holidays and the examination periods, we try to organize at least one monthly activity. Examples of such are our annually reoccurring after-intro party, gala ball, pub-crawl and the DaVinci day at the end of every academic year. Being a member allows you to enjoy serious advantages, such as discount during activities and on drinks at our favourite local bar John Doe Venlo.

Being a member of S.A. DaVinci means not having any obligations: it’s all about having a good time together. However, don’t forget, the more the merrier!